Braemar Community Hydro Ltd (BCH) is a Community Benefit Society which has been formed to fundraise, construct and operate a 100kW community hydro scheme. The hydro scheme now generates clean, low carbon electricity from the Corriemulzie Burn on the outskirts of Braemar. Surplus income from the enterprise will go to a community benefit fund to be used for projects and worthy causes in the local community. Over the lifetime of the project it is envisaged that the scheme will generate £500,000 for this community benefit fund.

The main share offer went live in early May 2015 and reached the target of £800,000 required to construct and operate the hydro scheme within three months. The share offer was open to all, with Members expected to get a good return on their investment as well as supporting a great community enterprise.

The construction of the scheme commenced in mid September 2015 with electricity generation commencing in early June 2016. The scheme was officially opened in September 2016 by HRH, the Duke of Rothesay.

Further information regarding applications for the community benefit fund can be found here